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05 Aug 2020

Contact Tracing Inadequate to Prevent 2nd Wave of Covid After Schools Reopen

Current testing and contact tracing is inadequate to prevent a second wave of coronavirus after schools in the UK reopen, scientists have warned. Increased transmission would also result from parents...Read More

03 Aug 2020

Half-Price Meals in August - 'Eat Out to Help Out' Scheme

Diners across the UK will be able to enjoy half-price meals throughout August from Monday, as part of a government scheme aimed at boosting restaurants and pubs post-lockdown."Eat out to help out"...Read More

03 Aug 2020

Plans to Increase Tax or NI for over 40s to Pay For Care

The Guardian is reporting that Ministers are considering plans to increase tax or national insurance for the over-40s, in order to pay for care. The plans are reportedly being looked at by the new...Read More

03 Aug 2020

Covid-19 Vaccine for Older People here before Christmas says Dept. Chief Medical Officer

The Times has reported that older people will be “first in line” for a coronavirus vaccine, which may become available “this side of Christmas” according to Deputy Chief...Read More

17 Jul 2020

New Pensions Bill Passed in House of Lords

The new Pensions Schemes Bill has passed the House of Lords and will now pass through the House of Commons. The Bill has been described a “landmark” and seeks to improve protections for...Read More

14 Jul 2020

Face Coverings Mandatory in Shops and Supermarkets from 24th July

Wearing a face covering in shops and supermarkets in England is to become mandatory from 24 July. Those who fail to comply with the new rules will face a fine of up to £100, the government is...Read More

14 Jul 2020

Pension Funds - Choices for Net Zero Economy

Pensions Minister, Guy Opperman has written an article claiming that pension funds could be the “spring board to real change to a Net Zero Economy”. He called for British based pension...Read More

10 Jul 2020

Later Life Ambitions Comment on End to Free TV Licence Decision

Yesterday, the BBC announced it would go ahead with its plan to end the free TV licence for over-75s on the 1 August, as the BBC chairman Sir David Clementi said “the BBC could not continue...Read More

09 Jul 2020

End to Free TV Licences to Go Ahead says BBC

It has been announced this afternoon, unexpectedly, that the BBC will go ahead with its plan to end the free TV licence for over-75s after the two month delay due to the pandemic.From 1 August, three...Read More

08 Jul 2020

Summer Economic Update

Today, Chancellor of the Exchequer, Rishi Sunak delivered a Summer Economic Update in the House of Commons, in which he outlined the Government’s A Plan for Jobs in response to the economic...Read More

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